HIMSS Australia Digital Health Summit 2019
November 20-21, 2019 | Sydney, Australia

Due to the siloed nature of today’s healthcare data infrastructure, healthcare providers and consumers struggle to communicate and co-manage a patient’s case and overall health situation. Complex care coordination requires countless hours and ineffective back-and-forth communication; even after the time and effort put into the case management, the end result falls far short of expectations. The lack of transparency frustrates patients and healthcare providers alike, and hinders each from receiving or giving better care. 


Solutions to address these communication issues run into a variety of challenges. Healthcare data security is particularly sensitive and highly regulated, which presents unique challenges around increasing accessibility for patients. Healthcare systems are loathe to open themselves to more risk while patients express concern over the hackability of their electronic healthcare records. The potential cost of a healthcare breach is measured not only in financial cost but the erosion of trust between providers and patients.


Enter Patientory, a single, secure application for sharing healthcare data. Patients consolidate their healthcare data into one platform, the Patientory dApp, which incorporates information from their various providers, wearables, and smart devices. All of this information is protected with Patientory’s PTOYNet blockchain system and shared with healthcare professionals, providing unprecedented insight into each patient’s health and resulting in better, healthier outcomes.


Patients and providers alike are empowered with information, making it easier to manage preventative and acute care on an individual and public health population level.

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