HIMSS Australia Digital Health Summit 2019
November 20-21, 2019 | Sydney, Australia

Keynote Plenary 3: Breaking New Grounds in Telehealth with Virtual Care

November 21, 2019
10:45am - 11:30am

Providing equality of health care to all people in WNSWLHD has its unique challenge due to geographical dispersion and the remoteness of the majority of the communities in this district. Telehealth has been an important innovation to allow patient access to services and bridge this gap.


Breaking new ground, WNSWLHD has embarked on an innovative programme building one of Australia’s first Virtual Health units. Through new models of care underpinned by technology to monitor patients 24x7 for signs of early deterioration, the WNSWLHD VCare team is able to intervene in a timelier manner resulting in better patient outcomes.


Sponsored by:


District Transformation Manager
Western NSW Local Health District, AU

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