HIMSS Australia Digital Health Summit 2019
November 20-21, 2019 | Sydney, Australia


Tracks and topics include:


Creating a network of shared data across Australia can be used to predict long-term health trends. Interoperable digital health technologies facilitate faster, more accurate collection of data, which can be interpreted and used to build a healthier community together.

Track topics include:

  • Interoperability
  • Data Ethics
  • Cybersecurity


There is a constant need for innovative technologies in this digital era. Innovation is seen as a key instrument in achieving sustainable and efficient solutions, while delivery of high quality, effective and safe health services.

Track topics include:

  • Implementation of Innovation
  • Why do we innovate
  • How to innovate
  • Success stories on innovation - AI, wearable technology

Empowering Patient

Patients are increasingly embracing a holistic view of their own health and they are better informed than ever, which means they make smarter decisions that lead to better personal outcomes. They are empowered to make their own decisions on whom they see, when they see them and even where or how.

Track topics include:

  • Patient Engagement
  • Personal Wellness
  • Telehealth

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